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Living in a home with corroding drains can be frustrating. Without maintenance, corroding drains can lead to costly repairs and possible water damage to your home. Thankfully, spray lining is a quick and thorough solution to combat pipe corrosion. Handy Plumbing Man, LLC is the only plumbing service in NorCal that provides spray lining.

For the past 15 years our technicians have been providing outstanding service to residents in Redwood City and neighboring areas. Our commitment to delivering the best services in town means you can rest assured knowing your pipe issues will be fixed at an affordable price with lasting results. Let us ease your worries by restoring your pipes to optimum condition - choose Handy Plumbing Man, LLC.

How Does Spray Lining Work?

Spray lining is a great way to protect your drains and pipes from corrosion. It is an effective method for coating the inside of your pipes with a tough, protective layer of epoxy that prevents rust. This not only prevents future corrosion, but repairs existing damage as well. One of the great aspects about spray lining is that you don't have to tear up your property. We’ll spray the new layer of epoxy without ripping up the slab. All in all, spray lining is a great solution when it comes to keeping your drains in good condition. There is little to no property damage, and it effectively recoats your drain lines.

Pipe Corrosion Causes

It can be easy to forget how vital our pipes are until they start malfunctioning. Pipes that are put under constant stress tend to corrode and fracture. Material composition also affects pipe durability. Cast iron pipes are particularly prone to corrosion and may require more frequent checkups than concrete ones. In addition, corrosion can put more strain on joints made of brass or copper and cause them to become weak and collapse.

To attain maximum lasting power out of all piping materials, maintenance services such as regular inspections, drain cleaning, and repairs are necessary. Taking these precautions can help avoid wasting financial resources on replacing or repairing pipes in the future.

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Signs Your Pipes Need Spray Lining

Knowing about the signs of pipe corrosion can save you the financial stress of a full repiping later. Here are common signs to look for:

  • Discoloration: If water is brown or red tinted, this is a sign that your pipes are rusted or corroded.
  • Odor: Water that emits an unpleasant smell is another indication that your pipes may have corroded. In addition, your pipes may be clogged with corrosion or debris and emit foul scents.
  • Taste: If your water begins to have a strange or metallic taste, this is another sign of possible corrosion. When pipes corrode, the water will begin absorbing these minerals and cause the strange taste.
  • Leaks: Leaks or pipe bursts are another sign that pipes are corroded. This can also to low water pressure and indicates that maintenance is necessary.

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If you're facing pipe issues, don't hesitate to call Handy Plumbing Man, LLC. We can perform a thorough inspection and diagnosis and always strive for 100% satisfaction. Peace of mind comes from knowing that experienced professionals are on the job. We look forward to providing you with our services!

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We Let Our Reviews Speak for Themselves

  • I cannot imagine better service

    “Marco was absolutely wonderful, explaining how roots had invaded our sewer pipe in the front yard, cleaning it out quickly, showing us the video scope of exactly where the roots were located.  He suggested future treatments to keep the root invasion down.”

    - William F.
  • He went above the call of duty

    “He is incredibly thorough. Not only did he fix the issue at hand, he went above and beyond to figure out where the problem could be coming from beyond the immediate problem.”

    - Tiffani Y.
  • Take every bad experience you've had with a plumber in the past and then reverse it

    “Rapidly responds to your question. Gives you a quick appointment. Shows up on time. TRIES TO SAVE YOU MONEY. Does what he says he'd do. Is very respectful. Cleans up. Name a single plumber who fulfills all those criteria. I couldn't until I met Marco.”

    - W.W.
  • Handy Plumbing Man came in half an hour

    “I called and texted and Handy Plumbing Man replied!  It was close to midnight. Who does that?! I was so impressed. He has a calming voice and I just listened to his advice. And he was right.”

    - Holly Y.
  • Look no further than Handy Plumbing Man

    “Marco is a fantastic professional -- thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and takes time to explain options.  If you're seeking a skilled, customer-service oriented plumber, look no further than Handy Plumbing Man.”

    - Rick L.

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