When you’re in need of any plumbing services, it’s important to choose a company that will provide you with excellent customer service and quality work. With over 15 years of experience, our plumbers are dedicated to providing you with fast and effective same day service so any issues don’t get worse. Read what our past customers have to say about their experience with us and then call us at (650) 257-3629 or fill out our online request form to schedule service. We’re available around the clock for you.

  • I cannot imagine better service
    Our toilets and shower drains suddenly stopped draining.  We call Handy Plumbing Man at about 11:00 AM and were told they could be there between 1 - 3:00 PM.  I received a text from them that they would arrive early and in fact they were there at 12:15 PM, a good 45 minutes before the estimated arrival time.  Marco was absolutely wonderful, explaining how roots had invaded our sewer pipe in the front yard, cleaning it out quickly, showing us the video scope of exactly where the roots were located.  He suggested future treatments to keep the root invasion down.  He was very informative, kind, and efficient.  I cannot imagine better service.

    - William F.

  • He went above the call of duty
    Marco was extraordinary!  

    We had an urgent situation where our drain was backed up and overflowing into our bathroom and then into our bedroom. I called Marco and he immediately guided me over the phone (recalling what my house set up since he had been out the week before for an unrelated problem) to help me get the water under control.  

    I needed him to come out right away and he rearranged his schedule so that he can squeeze us in. He let us know if he wasnt able to move things around he could call a friend of his also in the plumbing business which was great he had a solution for us if he wasnt able to move his other appts around.

    Another reason I really appreciate his work is that he is incredibly thorough. Not only did he fix the issue at hand, he went above and beyond to figure out where the problem could be coming from beyond the immediate problem. Turns out I had a blockage of roots growing into my sewer line to the street. He called the county for me the next day to find out whose responsibility this is to fix.  The county then pointed him to the city so he called them for me and told them the problem he saw using his camera and asked them to take care of it (and they did!)  He absolutely didn't need to do this next step as his work for me was already done but this is how I found him to be extraordinary because he went above the call of duty.  

    I really appreciated all his help in this situation and I would definitely use him again

    - Tiffani Y.

  • Take every bad experience you've had with a plumber in the past and then reverse it
    There's a reason why every review for Marco is 5 stars. Take every bad experience you've had with a plumber in the past and then reverse it. Marco is that good.

    Rapidly responds to your question. Gives you a quick appointment. Shows up on time. TRIES TO SAVE YOU MONEY. Does what he says he'd do. Is very respectful. Cleans up. Name a single plumber who fulfills all those criteria. I couldn't until I met Marco.

    I had four jobs for him. He told me how to fix job 3 without him doing anything. Then he did the other three jobs and only charged me for one. The man is honest, hardworking, and he's earned my business for good.

    - W.W.

  • Handy Plumbing Man came in half an hour
    Like many of the reviews, i had a backup at the most inconvenient time. Late Friday night backup from the toilet. A bad one - sewage coming up. It was horrifying. I called and texted and Handy Plumbing Man replied!  It was close to midnight. Who does that?! I was so impressed. He has a calming voice and I just listened to his advice. And he was right. The next morning he came out and fixed my backup. A real nice gentleman. And very quick. Thank you!

    I had a second problem that came up again on a Friday evening!  And again Handy Plumbing Man came in half an hour and to my rescue. I'm so glad I found Marco.

    - Holly Y.

  • I appreciate the honesty and helpfulness
    Marco didn't actually come out to fix my plumbing, so I can't review him on that.  However, I called because I thought my sump pump was broken.  I called several other plumbers and it sounded like an expensive repair.  I told Marco exactly what the problem seemed to be (sump pump not pumping out the water) and he suggested I try taking the lid off and using a broom stick to see if I could dislodge TP from the float that regulates the sump pump.  

    I tried it and it worked!  Everyone else quoted me $1100-1200 for the repair but no one suggested trying this one simple thing.  I appreciate the honesty and helpfulness Marco provided and if I need a plumber in the future will use him. Thanks Marco!

    - Justin S.

  • Look no further than Handy Plumbing Man
    Marco is a fantastic professional -- thorough, knowledgeable, patient, and takes time to explain options.  If you're seeking a skilled, customer-service oriented plumber, look no further than Handy Plumbing Man.  Marco and his team are in saved in my Contacts list as my go-to plumbers!

    - Rick L.

  • There's a reason why they have so many 5 star reviews
    Quick response, friendly and fair service! Oscar was great, and he even cleaned up the floor around the toilet with sani-wipes before he left!!  There's a reason why they have so many 5 star reviews.

    - Mark S.

  • They saved the day!
    This evening, I came home to a terrible sewage clog that backed up into my tubs and toilets.  I called Handy Plumbing Man and spoke to Marco.  He said he would be there in 1-2 hours and he arrived within that time.  He was honest, kind and explained everything to me.  He fixed our problem and now I will use him as my yearly preventative plumbing service. His prices are very fair for what he does.  He and his co-worker, Oscar are my favorite people right now!!  They saved the day!

    - Gina Morra S.

  • 20 minutes later, sure enough, he was on-site
    We found a leak in our water main a few days ago. I called Marco at Handy Plumbing Man as well as a few others. Only Marco said he could be there quickly to help. 20 minutes later, sure enough, he was on-site and looking at the problem. He worked on the repair all day and in the end he did really nice work to fix the problem, and he charged me a reasonable enough price, given his quick turnaround and the amount of time the job took.

    I'll definitely call Marco first if I have any plumbing problems again. Thank you Marco (and Alejandro)!

    - Nick T.

  • I appreciated his professionalism, knowledge, and honesty
    I called Handy Plumbing Man for a second opinion after another popular and well-rated plumbing service told me we needed a very expensive full lateral line replacement, immediately. Marco came out, evaluated the situation, and fully explained the different options, of which a full lateral line replacement was only one option. I appreciated his professionalism, knowledge, and honesty, and have found our new go-to plumber. I highly recommend this business.

    - Allie K.

  • I will definitely call him next time I have an issue
    Marco is the best! He saved me hundreds of dollars by just giving me solid advice as if he were the homeowner. Instead of defaulting to making money for his business, he told me what he would do. His expert advice and referral helped me solve the problem within 30 mins. I will definitely call him next time I have an issue. Highly recommend!

    - Joshua T.

  • Sent a plumber to our house within an hour
    When our washing machine leaked, I called these guys, and they sent a plumber to our house within an hour!  They are friendly, affordable and efficient.  Highly  recommend!

    - Dana F.

  • He's now in my phone as our go-to plumber
    We came home from a trip to Tahoe to a small lake in our kitchen. We weren't sure what the problem was, so we called the Handy Plumbing Man team right away. Marco came over within the hour, diagnosed the problem as a cracked garbage disposal. He had a new one in his truck that he installed right away. Easy peasy--and no more lake in our kitchen!

    That is probably enough for a four-star review, but about a week after the installation the garbage disposal stopped working. I sent Marco a text and he walked me through how to reset the motor--and he asked what accidentally fell in it. We thought it was a fluke but found tiny pieces of cracked ceramic in there.  He was super helpful, responsive, and thorough even after he cashed our check, and he's now in my phone as our go-to plumber. Highly recommended!

    - Katie M.

  • Highly recommended Marco anytime
    Great work Marco! Thanks for coming out and doing a thorough job! Highly recommended Marco anytime.

    - Satisfied Customer

  • Responsive and reliable

    Very responsive and reliable. Highly recommend Marco

    - Joosang S.

  • Had it replaced within hours

    Super quick response to a failed water heater...had it replaced within hours. Great job!

    - Robert G.

  • He really did go out of his way to give us prompt and courteous and professional service
    Both of our sump pumps failed at pretty much the same time and Marco was able to quickly come out and replace them. While he was here, he noticed our backflow device was leaking profusely. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed this so we are so grateful that he did. He quoted us a price and it seemed quite high so we checked around and quickly found that it was extremely reasonable.

    He really did go out of his way to give us prompt and courteous and professional service without gouging us. He even gave us a price break. It's so hard to find good plumbers who will actually respond when you call them and help you solve your problem so we feel very fortunate to have found Marco.

    - Donna T.

  • He communicated with me every step of the way
    Marco was great.  Showed up on time with all the necessary parts. He communicated with me every step of the way so I always felt comfortable with what was going on.  He quotes me a price up front and never tried to upsell me.  He also guaranteed his work.  I definitly would use Handyman plumbing again.

    - Jay F.

  • Very nice guy, great communication, super efficient
    Oscar came round to do my seismic shut off valve. Very nice guy, great communication, super efficient and I am very happy, especially as my home insurer will now agree to cover the house for another year, as they made this work a condition of cover. Plus if there is a shaker, it's one less thing to worry about. Putting my old gas mains wrench for manual shut-off on eBay!

    - Louisa G.

  • Picked up his phone on a Sunday morning
    I called handy plumbing drain for a clogged kitchen sink. Marco picked up his phone on a Sunday morning. I had a family dinner and needed my kitchen sink to work. He came out very professional got to work and my sink was draining 30 minutes later. Thanks a lot I will definitely use him for all my plumbing needs.

    - Pilar C.